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David Levesque, Esq.David Levesque, Esq.

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Hourly Rates, Fees and Expenses

Lawyers help you when you need it the most. They advise you based on their experience and continuing legal education, and they do it with a sense that they are doing good for you and the community. However, they also do it to make a living and must charge for their services.

Legal representation, like many of life’s necessities, can be expensive. However, it can be a bargain compared to the alternative of not having legal representation. I use my experience and education to provide effective and efficient legal service and try to minimize the fees and costs charged to clients.

My hourly rate is $225 which is reasonable in Maine for experienced attorneys such as myself. Some matters may be eligible for flat fees. In addition to my fees, I charge for certain expenses incurred while during my representation of clients.

Fees must be handled up front and should be documented in an engagement agreement prior to obtaining services. In most situations, a fee deposit will be required at the time of signing an engagement agreement. When appropriate I accept payment arrangements. I accept credit card payments and clients can pay by direct withdrawal from a bank account.

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